Julia Gash ... A Global Brand

Welcome to the world of Julia Gash, where together we discover and celebrate the cultural heritage and landscape of places that have meaning to people across the world. Collaborate with Julia to create a unique artwork that can be made into a collection of sustainable and stylish souvenirs by Julia and her licensees. In doing so you will enable people to love up their local and take home special memories of a place that is close to their heart as well as joining a growing, creative, international brand.

If you have a gift shop in Glasgow, an art gallery in Arizona, a museum  in Manchester, a tourist attraction in Toronto, wherever you are in the world, Julia would love to discover and draw it! 

Julia works with a global portfolio of licensees that manufacture ethically and to the highest standard.

Email info@juliagash.co.uk to find out more about how to commission your own design or become a licensee.