Celebrating Community Spirit

During the lock down, communities have come together to support each other during this period of isolation and vulnerability.  Never before have we relied on our neighbours for physical and emotional support, whether it's helping with food shopping if we're shielding or talking over the fence for a much needed chat over a cuppa.

I moved from uber friendly Yorkshire to Devon four years ago and love the landscape of the south west but partly due to my work as an artist, which also took me around the world, I didn't have many opportunities to meet people.  The Covid lock down changed all of that, as a community whatsapp brought us together followed by a thrice weekly coffee wave in the street.  I've met some lovely women who have become friends during lock down, standing in the street, sharing stories over a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Over the years I have drawn many artworks featuring places that are important to local communities. Here are some of my favourites ...

Quonnie is a small beach community in Rhode Island on America's East Coast. I love the focus on wildlife and people having fun in the water or playing on the beach.

My artwork of Waterloo and Kitchener tells the story of two neighbouring communities in the suburb of Toronto. Historic buildings, universities, markets and festivals feature in the design and reflect what people love about this corner of Canada.

Boat of Garten is a village at the foot of the mountainous Cairngorms in Scotland. People set off from here to walk the Speyside Way or climb the craggy mountains, which is teeming with wildlife.  The post mistress and post master, who commissioned me to create a portrait of their special place, feature in my illustration of Boat of Garten, welcoming visitors to this beautiful place. 

Dundas, like Kitchener & Waterloo, is a suburb of Toronto, with some quaint, historic buildings and architecture reflecting the civic pride of the town, such as the town hall and gallery.  Forested hills and waterfalls flow down to the town, which I drew for gorgeous gift and lifestyle retailer: Graham & Brooks.

So here's to communities coming together long after lock down has ended and sharing their love for their home towns.