Colouring Our Way Around The World

We're all grounded and with travel plans for 2020 scuppered I share the disappointment of many in that our joy of discovering the world has been curtailed. It has however given me the opportunity to really get to know my local area, a beautiful, coastal community in Devon, where I moved to from the industrial north of England four years ago.  Coastal paths, beach walks, swimming in the sea, sitting in my garden ...I've been incredibly fortunate to have nature's bounty on my doorstep and have appreciated its evolving beauty every day, bringing the joy of discovery right into my home and neighbourhood.

As I've been working through the lock down I've kept busy with design commissions from around the world but have been conscious of the boredom faced by people as they've been furloughed from their jobs. Children too have not had the stimulation from connecting with school friends and engaging in the wider world. I therefore decided to share my love of exploration of the world through creating a series of Colouring In Books that people can download and print out for themselves.

Ten Cities That Rock The World celebrates iconic cities that have amazing architecture and are steeped in cool, contemporary culture or antiquity. 

Ten Cities That Made Britain Great pays homage to the industrial grit of the north, the engineering brilliance of Bristol together with the nation's regional capitals.

As I have spent most of my life in the north of England, my It's Great Up North Colouring In Book is a celebration of Britain's industrial heritage and wonderful, bleak landscapes of the Yorkshire Moors, Lake District and forested, Lancashire hills.

Of course there's also a pack featuring capital cities.  Each of the Cityscapes is headed by a rainbow featuring the city's name.  I've really enjoyed adapting my artwork into something that others can engage in and plan to add more Colouring In Books ... lock down or no lock down!