Yoga Desert Detox

It's Valentines Day today and for many our focus is on acting out the romantic cliche of love, be it giving chocolates, flowers or even a ring to someone special in our lives. We often forget to show some love to ourselves throughout the year but last month, after working intensively at a trade show in Las Vegas, in the middle of a cold, wet, winter, I headed on the infamous Route 66 to the desert in California in search of some self care, stopping at an iconic American diner on the way.

I had booked myself into a yoga retreat at Palm Springs, practicing yoga twice a day and spending time in the natural, mineral hot pools at the hotel, to relax my aching muscles. I stretched my way through 4 days, supported by a plant based diet, most of it liquid!  

This was the best love and care I could have given myself and also got the opportunity to discover the local landcape, which included the amazing Joshua Tree National Park.  I was lucky enough to see it at sunset and promised myself that I would be back next year for more self care and sunsets in the desert!

I also loved the drive through the Mojave Desert, where I saw a roadrunner (I've drawn plenty but never seen one in the flesh!) and probably the longest train I've ever seen making its way across the desert scrub like me!

Back in Vegas I got the chance to tour the Neon Museum, a graveyard of some of America's most wonderful neon signs.  I love the art of neon signage in America, it's so optimistic and full of joy that you can't help but smile :-)