Super Spanish Islands

I've just created a series of illustrations of sun soaked Spanish islands: Ibiza, Lanzarote, Mallorca and Tenerife.

I've been asked by customers to my website to draw these beautiful islands. Many have memories of salty lips and sandy toes, for others it marks an occasion such as a wedding or proposal.

For me, it was where I experienced my very first package holiday. I was 10 and we jetted off to Mallorca for a week's stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. I thought I'de gone to heaven. Our usual summer holiday involved a tent and lots of rain so to be in a hotel with exotic and strange food and the luxury of being warm and dry was just brilliant.  I loved it. It was where I first tasted fresh orange juice, olives and paella. So here I am with my two sisters, swimming in the sea at Ca'n Picafort :-)

I've never been to Ibiza but absolutely love the natural beauty of this island, turning a blind out to the all-night party culture.

I have a friend who spends some of his winter on the magical island of Lanzarote and have heard many a story about the strange, volcanic landscape, palm tree oasis nestling into the foot of a mountain and the weird and wonderful art of Cesar Manrique.

I've seen Tenerife up on the flight board at an airport many a time and have often wished that I could just get on and head off to this wonderful island, just off the coast of Africa. With an amazing abundance of sea food as well as exotic flora pertaining to an arid, desert land, it remains on my bucket list and one cold, wet winter's day ... I'll just get up and go :-)