Julia's Cityscapes Story

Julia’s map like illustrations connect people with place, whether they are culture vultures on tour or locals want to celebrate their city in style.  The whimsical illustrations communicate a child-like vision and offer a playful and honest interpretation of the world in which we live.  A cyclist wearing a hat can be found in all of Julia’s “Cityscapes” and this little figure symbolizes Julia: travelling around the world through her art.

 Although Julia did not start drawing Cityscapes until reaching her fifties, her true Cityscape creative journey began as an eight year-old child. Camping and touring Europe in the summer holidays with her family, Julia discovered a world of wonder beyond the sheltered upbringing she had in Nottingham, England.  Each day, she drew and wrote about the castles and palaces, zoos and beaches that she visited with her sisters and parents.  In her scrap book she described the day’s highlights and stuck receipts and wrappers intermixed with drawings of the things that had most impressed her on her travels.

 Two of Julia’s travel journals still survive.  They show the origins of a unique creative talent that almost half a century later, is bringing joy and pride to people around the world as they see the places that are dear to their heart, come alive in Julia’s very own spirited handwriting and which captures the sense of awe and wonderment of a child.